La Habitación Roja

+ Jaime Buenaventura | 19.Apr 21h · MAD
+ Tailor for Penguins | 20.Apr 21h · BCN

After their successful 20th Anniversary, “Sagrado Corazon” (Sacred Heart), La Habitacion Roja’s new album, is here. With it, they are determined to stand up for the act of loving, for the outburst of feelings and human relationships, as opposed to the corruption, resentment and abuse that flood our daily lives and social networks.

La Habitación Roja have become the extraordinary case of a pop band with an unstoppable and continuous growth. Each record released has meant a step upwards renewing their audience, turning their shows into massive karaoke sessions, and adding up classics to their already extraordinary repertoire.

The title of their new album, “Sagrado Corazón”, claims to defend the connection with each other. The heart is the engine, the most vital organ and the reason for human existence, just as music is sacred to LHR. And they will be at the Room Music Festival to prove that!


Jaime Buenaventura is a young pop and rock songwriter in Spanish. With catchy and daring lyrics, he appears as a transgressive artist influenced by many, from Pete Doherty to Ivan Ferrerio or Andres Calamaro, among others.
Jaime Buenaventura is currently working on his first studio album and preparing a new live show with his band, which will be presented on December 22nd at Jamboree (Barcelona), within the “San Miguel Music Explorers on Tour”


Their great evocative power takes you instantly to the summer and the sea, to enjoy the moment anywhere in the world. Their formula: sprinkle traditional acoustic instruments with a little bit of magic to create different and special songs. It is a perfect pop work with an incredible sound, with uplifting choruses to sing at the top of your voice.

The band took part in “Primavera als Bars” (Barcelona), in a venue overflowing with people. They have also won the “Victoria Acoustic Concerts” award.

Their first single “Brush” has been used as the summer music promo on TVE.