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13.Apr 21h · BCN

Mishima gave the world “L’ànsia que cura” (The healing anxiety) – 2014, an exercise of refinement still present in their new album, “Ara i res” (Now and nothing).

Recorded three years later, Mishima’s eighth album keeps their characteristic double bet on a forceful sound together with a special care on lyrics. It sounds stronger and better than ever: skeptical and romantic at the same time, bare but heartfelt too, plain but also more literary, with sudden outbursts of light after gloomier atmospheres. “Ara i res” (Now and nothing) is the big everything, and along with it, David Caraben (vocals and guitars), Marc Lloret (keyboards), Dani Vega (guitars), Xavi Caparros (bass) and Alfons Serra (drums) have achieved an unavoidable great maturity.