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Nancys Rubias

04.May 21h · BCN

After the huge success of “Peluquitas” or “Me Encanta (I love it)”, Nancys Rubias are back on top.

This 2018 they will debut at the Room Music Festival with the album “Marcianos Ye-Yés”, a turning point in their career that looks for new horizons while still remaining themselves. In “Marcianos Ye-Yés” the new sounds coexist with that punk, glam and rock & roll inner in their previous records, allowing them to preserve their essence.

Nancys Rubias have become a mainstream band who are on TV and perform at festivals, but even all that and as defined by themselves, are still quite a strange combination of elements. The band play with references of a parallel world ruled by trash, B movies, showgirls, glam, the electro, the traditional but also the most frivolous Spain, the 80’s Madrid scene, the exalted and the sublime.


Ladilla Rusa emerge as the result of two whacked and sick minds eager to laugh and make people laugh with their outskirts traditional electro-pop, and their punk but also ironic hints. Their songs talk about what they’ve lived, seen and heard, but also about what they’ve imagined. Ladilla Rusa sound to what they like and dislike. They make electro-pop, plus rumba, techno, rock, disco, punk, glam, flamenco, dance… but above all, they make people LAUGH.