Xarim Areste
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25.March.2017 | 21 h

Only a few months before their 20th anniversary, the alternative pop/rock band is releasing a new album “El Peor grupo del mundo”. This is the famous sentence Paul McCartney told John Lennon when a record label rejected The Beatles after an audition. This album works like a kiss in the mouth of pop music where songs like “Carreteras infinitas” talk just about that: their pop, their love for danger and their courage…

“It’s like telling your girl you love her, so this is a love statement to pop music ‘hey pop, I never told you but I love you’”, says Marc Ros, lead singer and songwriter, tired of writing about the usual type of love “I was eager to write music about music”.

Certainly their lyrics and music make them one of the greatest and surprising bands of their kind!