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Xoel López + Rey Lobo

01.Mar 21h · MAD
24.Mar 21h · BCN

Xoel López presents at the Room Music Festival his 14th album, “Sueños y Pan” (Dreams and Bread), giving continuity to “Paramales” and connecting with those traces of South American rhythms present in “Atlantic”.

After more than 20 years of career the music of Xoel López can be defined by its genuine sceneries. Each album is a piece of creative freedom and, at the same time, an almost biographical episode. Following his complete discography we can tell what his journey has been like: new findings, longings, encounters, parenthood and music influences.

Thanks to his music, Xoel was awarded twice in 2013 at the MIN (Independent Music) Awards as best experimental album with “Atlantic” and best national artist. He was also one of the most recognized artists at the 2016 MIN edition by winning two awards: Best Pop Album and Best Music Production for “Paramales”, confirming his position as an outstanding reference of the Spanish music scene.


Rey Lobo is the personal project of Viguel Hertínez (24), composer of soundtracks (“Ahora o Nunca” 2015) or (“No culpes al karma de lo que te pasa por gilipollas”, 2016). A compilation of songs written within the intimacy of a Spanish guitar and orchestrated with electronic hints, being Sufjan Steven, Bon Iver or Silvio Rodriguez his top references.