Terms and conditions for ticket sales

For legal reasons, ticket sales are understood to be conducted from our registered offices. Purchasing tickets on this website means that you have accepted the following terms and conditions.


You are entering into a contract with the promoter, CLIPPER’S LIVE S.L., with registered offices at Carrer d’Aulèstia i Pijoan, 21 (local), 08012 Barcelona, Spain; Corporate Tax ID No. B-83678029.

Head office telephone number: (+34) 932 400 520
Main email address: [email protected]
Ticketing email: [email protected]


To enter the venue, you will need to show your ticket, which will be scanned for verification. You must show photographic ID if requested by the Festival Organiser.

1. The Festival Organiser cannot guarantee the authenticity of your ticket if it has not been purchased at one of the official points of sale. Tickets must not be resold. The Festival Organiser is not responsible for any loss or theft of tickets.

The ticket holder shall be held responsible if a copy is made of their ticket.
2. Festival Organiser will not allow the ticket holder entry into the venues in any of the following circumstances:

  • a) The ticket is incomplete, altered, ripped or shows signs that it may be a counterfeit.
  • b) The ticket holder behaves violently or publicly incites hate, violence or discrimination based on background, race, gender, faith, personal opinion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other social or personal condition or circumstance. This also relates to ticket holders who behave aggressively or cause any disturbance outside or at the entrance, anyone carrying a weapon or an object that could be used as such and anyone wearing clothing or symbols or carrying objects that may incite violence or are seen to support activities that are contrary to basic human rights as recognised by Law and the Spanish Constitution.
  • c) The ticket holder displays any symptoms of intoxication or of taking or having taken drugs or narcotic substances.

Right of entry means that under no circumstances will entry be denied to the ticket holder for reasons of background, race, gender, faith, personal opinion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other personal or social circumstance or condition.

On entering the venues, the public may, by Law, be subject to a search. Objects deemed dangerous by the Festival Organiser or that are banned by Law, will not be permitted. No type of drink is allowed into the venue.

3. Festival Organiser can deny entry or expel the ticket holder from the venue if he or she does not follow instructions given by staff, if there is any reasonable prediction that the ticket holder or other members of the public may be at risk or in danger or if the ticket holder is in an apparent or potential state of intoxication. The ticket holder is under all circumstances personally liable for his or her own actions or omissions, should they cause injury to people or damage to property.

4. Possession of a ticket does not give the ticket holder or third parties the right to use that ticket or its contents for the purposes of advertising, marketing or promotional activities (including competitions, gifts and/or draws) associated with the ticket holder or third parties.

The advertiser and/or unauthorised user will be liable for any losses or damages caused in the case of non-compliance with this rule.

These activities will be traced on the Internet in order to establish who is responsible.


Once the ticket has been purchased, it can only be changed or refunded if the event is cancelled.

In the event of cancellation, the purchaser can request a refund within a period of thirty days from the date on which the cancellation is publicly notified, in the manner specified by the Festival Organiser by email.
“Cancellation” is understood to be the suspension of more than half of the concerts scheduled. The Festival Organiser reserves the right to alter or modify the programme.

Tickets will not be refunded if the Festival is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, natural disasters, closure of Spanish air space or for other reasons of force majeure over which the Festival Organiser has no control.


Minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult, parent or guardian.

Minors under 5, even if accompanied by adults, will not be admitted.

At the entrance, the parent or guardian must show his or her ID card, birth certificate, passport or any other legal document that bears witness to the parent/child relationship or legal responsibility for the minor under 16 when requested by the Festival Organized.

Throughout their stay at the venue, the accompanying adult will be responsible for the child under 16 actions.

Both the accompanying adult and the minors under the age of 16 must at all times carry their identity document in order to present it when requested by Festival Organiser to prove their identity. Citizens of other countries must carry the relevant documents from their own country.

The Festival Organiser points out that current legislation expressly prohibits the sale of alcohol and cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18.


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The ticket holder consents to potentially appearing in pictures taken with different media inside the venues, which will then be disseminated for the purposes of information or promotion. The ticket holder hereby authorises this use, for which each media organisation is responsible.

For pictures taken by CLIPPER’S LIVE S.L., this information will be treated in accordance with the privacy policy set out above.

All image and intellectual property rights are reserved.Any filming, recording or reproducing of images inside the venue is prohibited, unless it has been expressly authorised by the Festival Organiser.

Any unauthorised activities of this kind may lead to legal or civil action for damages.


Either the festival promoter or the manager of the public space shall conduct VIDEO SURVEILLANCE of the entire venue.

Any video footage that is taken can be used to provide proof of illegal conduct or damages to people or property.

This information will automatically be presented to the judicial authorities or to the Police.

Images are subject to the privacy policy set out above.


If you provide information on anyone who is accompanying you, you are obliged to inform that person and obtain their consent for their details to be processed. These details are subject to our privacy policy, which is given on the registration form.


For all enquiries, there is information available on the Festival website. Complaints forms are available to anyone who requests one by email. They will also be made available to you at the Festival venue and at our registered offices.


Should the ticket be returned, we bear no responsibility for any purchase charges levied by online payment systems or Banks.


The user accepts that the legislation in force is Spanish Law.

You will have the right to request the invoice of the tickets bought up to one month after the Festival finalizes.

The contract language is the language selected by the user.

This document, by which you accept the terms and conditions, will be filed in our computer system. For one month, you will have access to our information, so you can print it or save it onto your computer system.

CLIPPER’S LIVE S.L. can annul or change any of these terms and conditions, in which case it will notify customers by email. To this end, please check your email regularly. It will also communicate using any other channels it deems suitable.

Clippers is active in its policy for resolving issues. It is for this that we wish to provide you with our best service in customer care at all times. Please note that according to Article 14.1 of EU Regulation 524/2013, the European Commission facilitates a platform focused on the resolution of online disputes which is available on the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr. However, CLIPPER’S LIVE S.L. will decide in each case if it uses this platform to give resolution to a case or not, given that we consider all issues can and should be resolved outside of these channels, for which we advise you to please use our customer care service for any issues you may have prior to escalating these via other means. Thank you for your understanding.

You will have the right to request the invoice of the tickets bought up to one month after the Festival finalizes.

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