Date Time City Artist Price Tickets
02.February 21h Barcelona Blaumut 22€ Buy
16.February 21h Barcelona Manu Guix 18€ Buy
01.March 21h Madrid Xoel López + Rey Lobo 25€ Buy
08.March 21h Madrid Kiko Veneno 20€
09.March 21h Barcelona Kiko Veneno 20€
24.March 21h Barcelona Xoel López + Rey Lobo 25€ Buy
13.April 21h Barcelona Mishima + Jordi Lanuza 16€ Buy
14.April 21h Barcelona Amy Macdonald + Xavier Calvet 22€ Buy
15.April 21h Madrid Amy Macdonald + Virginia Maestro 22€ Buy
19.April 21h Madrid La Habitación Roja + Jaime Buenaventura 16€
20.April 21h Barcelona La Habitación Roja + Tailor for Penguins 16€
03.June 20h Barcelona Travis + Jaime Buenaventura 40€ Buy
04.June 20h Barcelona Travis + Sr. Canario 40€ Buy
20.June 20:15h Barcelona Nacho Vegas + Fino Oyonarte 22€ Buy
22.June 21h Madrid Nacho Vegas 22€ Buy

New line-up coming soon 2018 - 2019

Date Time City Artist Price Tickets
15.December 21h Barcelona Tequila 30€ Buy

Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.